Cucumber Lime Detoxifying Water

The boyfriend and I have a sprint triathlon thing coming up in about a month. He came to visit me this past weekend because he's awesome, and after doing some triathlon training together, I think that we're going to need to train a wee bit harder. 

Along with the triathlon training, I've been on a somewhat strict clean eating diet (can't stay away from that chocolate). My goal is to get into the best shape of my life and be healthy with a balanced diet. I was doing some 'blogilates' this morning in an attempt to get abs and Cassey mentioned something about detox water. I got the recipe from Everydayroots.

Water already naturally flushes toxins and waste out of your system and keeps you hydrated. The lime/lemon, mint leaves, and cucumbers add flavor and help with your digestive system as well!


  • 1/2 lime or lemon- sliced thinly
    • Limes and lemons contain vitamin C. They help with stimulating and regulating your digestive tract (less constipation, heartburn, or gas). They're also beneficial for your skin and can help regulate body's absorption of blood sugar. 
  • Half a handful of mint leaves
    • These leaves smell great and help with digestion. 
  • Half a cucumber- sliced thinly
    • Cucumbers are great for hydration, rich in vitamins (including the B vitamins which are great for the skin), and contain high fiber and water content. 
Get a pitcher and fill it up with water, slice the limes/lemons, get some mint leaves, slice the cucumbers, and add all those ingredients into the pitcher of water. Let it sit for an hour or two to absorb all of the good ol' nutrients. Simple enough, eh?

Drinking this will hopefully help me stay hydrated during my triathlon training!

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